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COVID-19 Information

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COVID-19 Information

Vaccine Information & Appointments

Claiborne County Medical Center is committed to ensuring the safe distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine to the members of our community in a timely manner. The global effort to eradicate COVID-19 with a wide-scale vaccination has required the largest mobilization of healthcare resources in modern times and is not without challenges.

All COVID-19 vaccines have been reviewed and approved by the U.S. FDA and the CDC, and many other public health agencies, and are safe for use in most adults. The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines have been proven to be around 95% effective in preventing an individual from contracting COVID-19 when administered in two doses. For comparison, an annual flu vaccination is between 40% to 60% effective in preventing influenza.

As with all pharmaceuticals, we encourage you to discuss with your doctor prior to administration of the vaccine. To learn more about COVID-19 vaccines, please visit the CDC’s website for additional information.

Vaccination Appointment Scheduling

Thank you for your extremely positive response to our COVID vaccination process. Our frontline healthcare workers greatly appreciate your interest and desire to help us end this pandemic.

To schedule your vaccination appointment, please call the Magnolia Express Care Clinic COVID appointment request number at (601) 437-5141 or contact us to submit your request.

All individuals age 12 and up are now eligible for a vaccination. Children under the age of 18 must have an adult accompany them during the appointment time.

Our team recognizes the importance of conducting the vaccination process in an efficient and timely manner and is working diligently to ensure we administer the vaccinations as quickly as possible to help protect our community. We sincerely appreciate your continued understanding and patience.